Keep The Cash!

Keep The Cash! is an educational game designed by Ambitious Minds to give students in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 an insight into the realities of managing their own financial affairs whilst helping them to develop the skills they’ll need to thrive in the future.

Players, working in teams of four or five, must run their ‘household’ efficiently by earning enough cash to pay their bills, debts, taxes and overcome all the other challenges they will face when they become independent adults.

Keep The Cash!  is played in a competitive environment and each player gets the chance to apply for a job, prepare a CV and attend interviews with real employers on the day.

It is a highly effective and engaging experience that works so well because it gets students to focus on their own personal aspirations and the realities of achieving of them.  Over the course of the full day session students also gain a clear understanding of managing personal cash flow, how to avoid the pitfalls of debt and what concepts like tax, credit and interest actually mean.

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